Stay Clean
The self-cleaning coating for building and renovation

STAYCLEAN®, photo activ transparent glaze developed by NEWCOAT, maintains the surfaces naturally by the combined actions:
• Photocatalytic with destruction of organic pollutants under the action of light;
• Super-hydrophilicity with a film washing effect.

What are the benefits?

• Photocatalysis dissolved and destroyed the vehicle and factory emissions, mosses, lichens, fungi, grease and oils.
• Prevents damage due to the majority of organic pollutants.
• Provides thanks to patented system, with, antibacterial, fungicide and algaecide function.
• Breathable media (microporosity).
• Reduces the impact due to freezing / thawing.
• Dries quickly.
• Resistant for 5 years to 10 years and over (depends on the abrasion suffered by the support).
• Applicable to different types of mineral and organic materials (concrete, natural stone and reconstituted, coated trowels, plastering, painting) with the recommendations and the appropriate weight.
• Saves on maintenance, cleaning and facelift.

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