Our philosophy

NEWCOAT is dedicated to Sustainable Development in Construction and Infrastructure, the Company has optimized the industrial processes by reducing the costs at their reasonable price like for example, transport costs of materials and/or manufactured products.

First, product formulation and manufacturing are done in France Western Region, in mainly using commodities/materials from France and Europe. The Training Department and the Commercial Development Departement are centralized and located in Paris.
NEWCOAT demonstrates thanks to its environmental policy , that it’s a major player in the sustainable development.

Be the partner of your environment

Thanks to its R&D Departement, NEWCOAT is an innovative company and is involved in the development of global and/or specific active processes for its customers.
NEWCOAT keeps clean your properly holdings during a long period of time at a reduced cost and also sustain your investment in new buildings as well as in maintenance, for both Construction and Infrastructure.

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