A network of advanced skills

NEWCOAT developps innovative active professionnal coatings for mineral buildings due to :
• an innovative R&D department
• a department of industrial production known for the quality of its products for more than 65 years,
• a consortium of painting companies over the country and recognized for over 50 years,
• a specific training department adapted to “developed technologies” in order to properly diffuse operational methods for a labeled, optimal and sustainable completion.
• a Business Development department focused on the new technologies based on innovative processes like, for example, Photocatalysis.

A unique products/services center in France

Our main goal is the environment protection, from formulation / manufacturing to application, by anticipating the European laws related to components and / or products used in Construction.
Our permanent ability to innovate is demonstrated ; the internal R&D is key and already – allows us to register many patents.
We develop recommendations and specifications for construction sites where we are involved and we train workers to installation techniques that respect the Environment. We can even keep track of applications to monitor the progress.

Fédération Française de la Photocatalyse

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